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Can I have Almond flour, coconut flour, and potato noodles.


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I understand you should not be creating unhealthy things with these ingredients but would something like whole30 crab cakes be acceptable? I found several recipes for them. I’m not even certain whether those flours are allowed at all. I was not able to find an answer to that. Also I’ve been eating potatoes in a variety of forms but would love more options. Is it okay to use these noodles? I think they would be great in the whole30 chili or soups that I make.



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5 minutes ago, Oakley said:

Thanks for the response, but I think I’ll pass on that last suggestion..

Hahah.... Sorry I should have been more specific. Sex with your pants on is a quirky saying that describes making non compliant food with compliant ingredients... Kind of the same but not as good as the real thing and often leaves you in a position to want the real deal....  It's not dirty... But if you google, put 'whole30 in front just to be safe. 

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