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Hi all.

I grew up eating venison, and I can handle the basics as we eat it about 2x a week (we have 3 deer in the freezer) but I'm looking to see if anyone has some favorites? tried and true recipes?

What I normally do is sautee steaks or tenderloins in cast iron with onions and serve with any combo of vegetables/potatoes/salad.

I also have a large amount of straight ground venison, venison/pork patties and venison/pork sausage.

Thanks in advance!


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Paleo Comfort Foods by The Mayfields has a great venison stuffed peppers recipe.

As I'm sure you already know, you really can sub it in anything with other red meat (but lamb recipes tend to work better, because the gameyness is already considered); i'd just be careful of cooking time and maybe spices.

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