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Time to get FOCUSED!


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Hello Everyone,

I've never been a part of a forum/blog so this is All new to me & am excited to start!

Recently I signed up to a Boot camp to get some sort of routine back, which I completely lost over time. I was feeling a little better but like everything, it's a combination of Food intake & Exercise!

So after being Tired of feeling Blah for one reason or another & not feeling comfortable in general it made me realized Enough is Enough & Changes (positive ones) needed to be made!

So I Join this New Challenge with my awesome sister (AriB) :wub:

We each have our personal goals in mind, && one thing is for sure am glad I have someone to challenge & Keep me FOCUSED:

Feeling good & just having the Energy is really my main concern at this point!

One Goal is as close as 4 months away :blink: so that has me Nervous & Excited

All the Best, Alex

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Yesterday I have to say I was going through some major withdrawals. Headaches/Tired/Hot

It's amazing to me how my eating habits made such an impact. I was super-hot everywhere I went yesterday & to be quite honest I wasn't in the best of moods. Since I began eating clean I am having issues with my regularity. This was never a problem for me!

All the Best~

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Hi Alex! Welcome aboard!!

I think the feelings you're having are a common occurrence amongst many of us those first few days. Stick with it and see how those things will change. :-) Good for you for taking action to make these changes for yourself!!


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Thanks Mike!! for your feeback~ I was glad to see you replied to my Post!

Since I started a few days back, I have been reading all about you & your journey :)

Congrats on All your Mile Stones, you really have made a positive turn in your Life!!!


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