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Started on 11/18; Restarted on 11/25


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Hi.  I'm LeeAnn.  So, as you can see from the title, I didn't make it through my first Whole30.  :) 

My husband and I started on 11/18 and (against Melissa's advice) that was the week before Thanksgiving.  We were doing great.  We even had a great compliant Thanksgiving dinner and no desserts.  But then, we visited with family and I caved.  I had wine.  My husband successfully made it through the holiday, but I, however, woke up Black Friday feeling just that...BLACK.  I had a headache, my body felt terrible and achy, my mood was sour, and I felt so much guilt at "failing".  I started over that day.

But, that "fail" was the best thing that EVER happened to me.  Within just two days, I felt better, stronger, and more positive.  All because the food I was putting in my body was helping my body work more efficiently and cleanly!!  And, I learned  clean food = good; alcohol = bad.

Now, I'd read "It Starts With Food" A YEAR AGO!!! and did nothing with it.  Then I saw a video online by Busy Phillips and she made me laugh but she also made me think.  So, I bought The Whole 30 book -- and everything clicked.  I talked to my husband (#bestspouseinthewhole30world) and he was ready to make a change too.  He was far too heavy (inching too close to 300 lbs) and on blood pressure medicine.  And, every time he took his blood pressure, he'd have to take an anxiety pill because of how high it read -- was so stressful for him.

I've struggled my whole life with weight obsession. I was anorexic as a teen but fought that successfully.  And, after my children, weight came and never left.  I'd try different diets - weight watchers, nutrisystem, soooo many.  But nothing was long lasting and nothing curbed my obsession with weight and food.  At 181 lbs I knew something had to change.

Anyway, back to the books.  I pretty much rolled my eyes at all the claims in The Whole30 book.  Whole30 Non-Scale Victories!  You're happier! uhhuh You laugh more!  I laughed at that! You fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly.  Oh!  Please!!  Less painful joints.  Sure. Sure.  And, on and on.  My husband and I chuckled over the list but deep down inside we both wondered -- first, how can they get away with these claims? and second, what are we missing out on?

So today.  He's on day 29 and I'm on day 22.  He finishes tomorrow and I asked him about his Victory Food.  That's what we call the first thing he wants to reintroduce.  He thought about it and shrugged.  "I think I'll stay on it one more week with you.  I feel too good."    :)

I owe Melissa an apology for doubting her. 

These are our #NSV:  We have more energy.  Clothes are looser. We sleep better, sounder, and more restful.  We laugh a lot!  We cook and eat together every meal (shout out to the Whole30 cookbook!). My husband's blood pressure has dropped significantly -- so much so he's going to the doctor to see if he can get off his meds.  Plus, no need for anxiety medicine.  We have more energy.  I don't need a nap in the afternoon and haven't since my first week.  My skin looks amazing!  The bags under our eyes are gone.  People have told us both how great we look -- did we just get back from vacation?  No bad moods.  No blue moods.  No cravings.  No food obsessive thoughts -- calorie counting, point counting, weighing our food.  No food anxiety or guilt.  Did I mention, more energy!? :) Better digestion.  Basically, overall, we both FEEL amazing!

We did break one rule.  We did step on the scale.  I've always had a habit of weighing myself and that was something I couldn't give up.  I'm sorry but not really.  I've lost 10 pounds and he's lost over 15 -- so this sense of being in a better place is not all in our heads.  This is life changing.

I know this is a long post and if anyone gets this far, thank you for reading.  But, THIS IS IMPORTANT! 

The Whole30 approach to food is IMPORTANT!  It isn't magic, it takes work.  It isn't a miracle pill, it's a lifestyle change.  And, it isn't a fad, it's an investment in your LIFE.  I am grateful for all the good things Whole30 has brought into our life and all the bad things it has guided us into leaving behind.  #GoWhole30



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