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Instead of starting January 1st..I figured why wait? I plan on starting next Monday (Christmas day!!) I've attempt several whole30s in the past, usually only making it to day like 4 or 5 max. I'm really looking forward to completing this, I want to finally break all of my bad food habits and clear up some psoriasis I've had for years. Advice? Tips? I'm looking to make a purchase from Thrive Market, best suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Wish I'd seen this sooner! Are you already a member? 

I've gotten this kit before https://thrivemarket.com/whole30-starter-kit-pro. It's expensive for a one-time purchase, so if I had to pick and choose out of it my true staples, I'd recommend the New Primal sauce (I use it for everything, and they have a spicy version too), Thrive coconut oil, and Primal Kitchen mayo. 

Some of my other staples are:







https://thrivemarket.com/wild-planet-non-gmo-wild-skipjack-light-tuna (Skipjack is lower mercury than Albacore)

I always try to hit the $49 for free shipping because I'm eventually going to need my staples anyway. If you're on their mailing list, they send out an offer almost every day for either free products for orders over $X amount or big % off certain brands. So I always try to have a cart loaded and ready to go and if something comes up as a free product that I would normally buy, that's when I make my purchase.

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