San Francisco the last week of my W30!

Billie Burke

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There's a place called super duper burger on market st where you can get a burger on a salad. It's not grass-fed but it's from niman ranch which is otherwise humanely raised. Underneath the Westfield mall in their food court is a grocery store called Bristol Farms where you can buy roasted organic chickens and other prepared foods as well as kombuchas if you're into that. None of these are sure bets though so be sure to ask questions and read labels!

There's a place called buckhorn grill in the food quart that has really delicious tri-tip steak. I don't know if it's compliant but if you're there ask about the ingredients because if it is you might want to eat it everyday :)

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Do you know if your hotel room will have a mini fridge? If so, you can stock it with some veggies, fruit and compliant proteins.

A few things I keep at work to make meals on the run easy is bagged lettuce, avocado, compliant smoked salmon and nori wraps. Then I can easily roll up a nori smoked salmon wrap to munch on and it's delicious. Would easily work for you if you do indeed have a mini fridge.

You might consider ordering some Primal Pacs to take with you. I love these and often keep a couple in my purse. When I went out of town for a long weekend I took 5 with me just so I knew I'd have something easy on hand if I got stuck.

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I just moved right around the corner from the Palace! Why on earth did your boss make you stay in Millbrae? That's lame. But BART is pretty easy to navigate once you've been through it before.

I haven't gotten around to the restaurant scene yet, but my advice is ask a lot of questions from the servers/staff, be super polite and friendly about special requests, and accept the fact that there may be a lot of temptations in the near future as you work around dry salads and burgers without buns.

Let us know how you fared on your trip!

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