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Starting December 27!


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Hi everyone,

I feel a little silly doing this, but here we go. My name is Caroline and I'm a 22 year old from Georgia. I've been thinking about doing Whole30 for awhile now, and I figure now that the holidays have wrapped up, it's the perfect time. I have three main reasons for doing Whole30: 1) I'm a chronically unhealthy eater who feels rather addicted to carbs 2) I'm overweight (I gained almost 25 pounds in college) and 3) I'm a textbook stress eater- after a busy day at work, my first instinct is to order a pizza and grab for the wine bottle.

I'm particularly nervous about doing this because I don't have much of a history as a healthy eater. I've pretty much made continually bad food choices at every opportunity throughout my college years. Now that I'm working and out on my own, I have less bad influences around me, a more consistent schedule, and no excuse to still eat like I live in a dorm room. Basically, I don't know how to be healthy. I've always blamed it on my lack of discipline and an unhealthy family, but I'm ready to kick that excuse to the curb, because in my heart of hearts, I know I'm no less capable of healthy eating than the next gal.

It makes me really nervous to share these details, but here are a couple of "before" points that I'm hoping to see a change in post-Whole30:

  • Weight: 162lbs
  • Skin: Erratic with moderate breakouts
  • Energy level: relatively low; start feeling lethargic by about 4:00 PM and seem to never regain energy
  • Sleep: Fine, but I feel exhausted unless I get almost 9 hours of sleep a night
  • Exercise: I set lofty exercise goals that I always fail to meet because I'm "too tired" in the mornings or after work.

A quick medical note: I do have hypothyroidism, and I've been taking synthetic thyroid hormone to remedy this since I was about 8 years old. My case is considered moderate and under control, but my lack of thyroid hormone does have somewhat of a negative impact on my metabolism and energy levels. I think that Whole30 will be a great way for me to figure out if my fatigue issues are somewhat stemming from an unhealthy lifestyle and see if any of my symptoms lessen (although I know that Whole30 doesn't have the power to magically heal my thyroid!) I'm also setting a goal to increase my exercise somewhat during this process, but I'm trying to not set too many lofty goals at once.

Well, there's that. Wish me luck!


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Hi, I chose to start today rather than wait for the 1st.  I am going on vacation with a friend the 3rd week in January and want to be well on my way before my first tough challenge.  Thank heavens we are driving so I can take a cooler of prepped food. My friend eats pretty close to W30 so she'll be a good roommate for the week. 

I'm doing this with my sister in Spokane, WA,  She will be starting in January.  Our niece completed the program about 18 months ago, and did fabulous.  She's my inspiration.  It will be fun to share recipes with them.  She also got me into using an Instant Pot so I foresee a lot of Instant Pot W30 dishes in my future. 

I'm starting at 253.3 which is way too much weight on my 5'7" frame.  I have been having knee issues and heartburn; also a few too many memory glitches and trouble staying focused which I like to blame on my age (62), but are probably lifestyle related.  My A1C has been borderline high and my blood pressure is higher than my doctor likes.   I'm hoping some or all of the above will improve with W30.  Interestingly, I lost 2.3 pounds this last week while reading about W30 and getting ready! 

Wasn't able to totally purge the house of non-compliant food as my husband is a sugar addict and is not interested in joining me.  So the sugar for his tea and his bread are still in residence.  Luckily neither are trigger foods for me.  Now if he had French bread and homemade chocolate cookies lying around, I'd be in trouble!  He also like cheap snack food so that helps.  I will ask him to keep the snack food under wraps.  Otherwise, he's good about eating meat and veggies so I'm thinking it won't be too much of an issue if I keep yummy and compliant food handy when the cravings start.

Off to take measurements and photos - would rather take a beating, but know I'll be glad to be able to look back and see how far I've come 8 weeks from now.  I say 8 weeks as I plan to do a very Slow Roll for re-entry so I can really target specific trouble foods rather than do it by entire food groups.  Looking forward to having an online support group as I don't know anyone in my area that has done or is doing W30.   



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Hi Caroline,

we have a lot in common.  I could have written your three factors, and I also have long term hypothyroidism.  I’m much older - 41 - but now that I’m a mom, I realize I need to be taking much better care of myself.

i completed day 2 today.  So far so good.  I do love to cook and intentionally picked this time of year when it’s somewhat quiet and sane and I can make cooking, planning, and meal prep a priority.

Good luck - let’s keep in touch!



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