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Hi! I am new to whole 30 and wanting to begin soon! I read the book yesterday and noticed many recipes are made with coconut. I am allergic to coconut, nuts, and avocado, and I was wondering if anyone could reccomend a good substitution for coconut milk, specifically. I cannot do cashew, almond or any nut-related milk due to my Nut allergy. 


Thanks in advance! 

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Your best bet is probably to find recipes that don't depend on coconut milk -- so you're probably not going to be making curries or creamy soups, but there are plenty of other foods out there. And also keep in mind you don't necessarily need fancy recipes -- you can grill or bake or pan fry meats and vegetables, and make dressings or sauces to add fats (chimichurri is a good one, and mayo is very versatile), or add olives to meals for extra fat.

In general, if the coconut milk is being used to thin something, you might be able to substitute broth or stock. It'll obviously affect the flavor, but might work, depending on the recipe. If you have specific foods you want to make, you might try googling Whole30 + the name of the food + no coconut and see if there are options out there. 

If you can have seeds, you could make your own sunflower seed milk (the unsweetened version here would be compliant -- save the sweetened or chocolate versions for after Whole30) -- you should be able to do the same from any seeds you're not allergic to. 

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