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Starting December 26, 2017


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I started yesterday with Day 0. I last did the Whole 30 about a year ago and I never felt better. This time it is all about my health. When I made my list of concerns and goals, weight wasn't on it, even though I am carrying a fair bit of extra weight. What has really been weighing me down is all the results of unhealthy eating and how they just keep piling up. Fortunately I don't have anything that requires medical care, and at 66 I consider that something of a miracle. I am stiff and sore, bloated, foggy brain, low mood etc. etc. So am really looking forward to feeling better and in fact feel better today after just one day without all the crap I have been eating. I have a great list of non scale victories and am looking forward to sharing with everyone who will probably be starting January 1. I just couldn't wait!

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