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Starting on Jan 1, 2018

Brian C.

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Hi, Brian. Have you figured out why you couldn't complete the previous attempts and come up with solutions to address those issues this time? It can be very helpful to have a plan in place.

For instance, if you just got tired of cooking or felt overwhelmed by it, having several days' worth of food prepped and ready to go, or a variety of ingredients that can be easily thrown together can be helpful. Whatever the reasons that you didn't finish before, someone here on the forum probably has similar experiences, so feel free to post any concerns you have, ask for suggestions, or even just post what your own plans are for addressing the issue this time around.

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The first fail was because I was using a cheap balsamic vinegar from Target that was loaded with added sulfites. If it had been a couple of sprinkles, I would have kept going, but, I was soaking everything in it practically. Figured that wasn't keeping in the spirit of the program, so, I started over.

The next month started over again and went to a party... Think that says it all lol.

I'm committed this time because my 53rd birthday is in February and I want to be amazing for it!

Thanks for you reply!

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