I'm new! Vegetarian - but I have an egg sensitivity

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Hey there,

So I am looking to do a reset and I have learned recently that I have an egg sensitivity. I am willing to add fish back into my diet. Should I take any consideration to the vegan program to be sure I am getting enough protein?  Or any recommendations I should take starting out. I have the book and am taking notes.  I'm just worried I won't get enough protein and will get bored of fish... and ultimately fail. I want to succeed. 

And another silly question. More or a "Forum", "technical" question. The rules suggest to search first to see if there is already and answer to your question. How do you do a forum search? I can't seem to find a place to place keywords within the forum.  Thanks!

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You would definitely get the best results if you do the program as written using fish for your protein.  If you're willing to also do shellfish, then I think there are plenty of ways to do fish that you won't get bored... sometimes boredom happens whether you're restricted to fish or not :)  There are myriad ways to cook fish also, or even ceviche if you're feeling creative so you should be fine :)

As far as forum searching, the built in search kinda stinks so we suggest google... just google 'whole30 + topic' and the first things that come up (usually) on the google search are forum topics.

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