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Masters student starting Jan. 8!!


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Hi all! 

I will be starting on January 8th after returning home from winter break. Currently I am in school getting my masters and am worried mostly about social situations with friends, specifically drinking. I truly don’t mind giving up alcohol but I know my friends will lay on the peer pressure!! (Classic college)

Of course I have many more worries - mostly chocolate!!! I love my sweets, especially after dinner. I swear if I don’t have at least a Hershey kiss after dinner my brain goes crazy - the addiction is real. 

Overall I am looking to improve my health (and weight of course). I have always been at least 20 lbs overweight and would love to reset my body to get some good habits forming. I am truly committing myself to this - I can’t wait to start!! 

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Hi VGrad and Bernardo ~

January 8 also.  My 4th.  Great that you are reaching out.  My 2 cents -- W30 is not for the faint of heart.  I guess that is why it is called a challenge.  I say this with encouragement to get your head right.  Trust me -- the challenges will come.

Be strong,


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