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I must be crazy... (aka W30 first timer 1/1/18)


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This is my first Whole30 experience.

DISCLAIMER: I am making some of my own adjustments based on a different diet my sister is doing - also clean eating.

Here are the differences:

I will be allowing myself 1 glass of red wine a week.

I will be allowing myself dark chocolate that I make myself at home made with: 100% cacao, coconut oil, honey, and flavored with essential oils. 

I am not allowing ALL potatoes. I will not be doing any russet/white potatoes.

I am making these adjustments because I want to be successful and set myself up to really commit and make it through the 30 days.

I am excited, and also nervous about how my body will react. Normally I eat pretty healthy, but this holiday season has been a little less than what I would normally stick to. So... we will see how it goes!

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Day 1 went ok... until midnight went I woke up in a hot sweat, horrible stomach cramps, and generally feeling like I was going to die.

I am fairly certain I got food poisoning from something I ate at dinner last night - so that’s awesome.


Day 2 is horrible because again... feeling like death. I threw up again this morning, was finally able to eat a few bites of a sweet potato. Otherwise I have only consumed water. So I suppose I’m sticking to the plan...? 

I know they said day 2+ can have that hangover effect, but this is just ridiculous.

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