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Starting January 3rd or 4th depending when I can get organized


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Hello all! I have decided to try the Whole30 program for 2 main reasons: Acne and edema. I have this AWFUL swelling in my ankles and legs and think it may be related to some food I am eating. I want to get to the bottom of it. I also feel bloated and get very tired often after eating. I'm sure that's from insulin spikes and probably dairy. I've consumed a lot of dairy over the past few years. 

I have a strong exercise/nutrition knowledge base and have gone several years (in the past) on a strict Paleo diet without any problems. I was the classic Crossfit/Paleo gal. I think my main struggle will be coffee creamer in the AM. I can easily get away with sugar/honey, but creamer was a no. I could never garner the willpower to stop that while on Paleo. However, I am most definitely willing to just get over myself and go 30 days without creamer. Geez! It's ONLY 30 days!

I have had a VERY sedentary lifestyle since April of this year and it's catching up with me! So, I hired a trainer who suggested Whole30, and after researching, have quickly decided its exactly what I want to do. It would be great to lose around 10-15 pounds (5-8 being more reasonable I don't want to set myself up for disappointment), but I am not going to count on that to happen. I am 5'4" and about 140-145 pounds (I haven't weighed myself in months, so I'm not exactly sure). It would be a great bonus to lose some weight. But, I'm more interested in healthy lifestyle. I am a Nurse Practitioner and the science of Whole30 makes absolute sense to me, especially how it affects inflammation. 

I just wanted to introduce myself! I've spent my NYE researching Whole30 lol! 


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