First Whole30!


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I decided to do the Whole30 in November, but put it off until the new year to avoid doing it during the holidays. I have to say, I wish I had started in November! I used the last month as an excuse to eat whatever because I knew I was doing a reset soon -- big mistake!! But moving on! It's Day 1 and I woke up with a junk food hangover. My boyfriend has a lot of it around the house, I see this being my biggest challenge. I bought him a toolbox with a lock on it for all his junk food during the next 30 days! I'm a little stressed because I woke up all night with a sore throat, runny nose, etc and I have a grad school application due today. But once it's done I can relax and meal prep!

Today's meals:

- breakfast: fried egg (ghee) with ham and avocado

- lunch: coconut chicken nuggets and sweet potato

- dinner: I'll be meal prepping and will munch on one of the meals then. 

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I love the tool box idea, lol!  I cleaned out my entire house.  I thought it was weird that my family didn’t complain, but come to find out, they had reserves stashed away.  So, I told them they could put the junk food in a particular cabinet, but I’m afraid it will temp me in a moment of weakness!  I should definitely put a lock on it, haha!

You did great today!  I hope your cold clears up.  

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Welcome aboard!

You've totally got this.  The toolbox is a good idea and it might also make your boyfriend think about how badly he wants the snacks if he has to unlock it.  ;-D  No matter how tempted you are, you have a whole community of us ready to help.  Remembering how blecky you feel after eating _________ is good incentive too.

Rock on!

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