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Hey @lilliegirl...I think you're in EXACTLY the right place!  Whole30 definitely focuses on 'health' rather than 'weight' because weight will naturally follow if you do the program right!  It is SO much more than just your weight on the scale...inches lost, better complexion, more energy to workout (and for life in general)...but, in my experience, the scale definitely changed.

The HUGE piece of advice I'd give is to follow the rules and DON'T WEIGH YOURSELF during the 30 days!  Give your scale to a friend or hide it in a cabinet.  You'll go through a lot of physical, mental, and emotional changes over the next 27/28 days...don't give the numbers that show up on a scale any opportunity to throw you off track.  Whether it's more or less than you expect...trust me, it'll throw you off.

I won't tell you how much I lost doing 2 rounds of Whole30 in ~3mos last year it's not what you need to focus on but here's a before and after pic...

2017-02-08 07.16.24-3.jpg

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@lilliegirl I lost 13 pounds on my Whole30 this past September... 

So, weight loss can and does happen for some people. That being said, fat is such an integral part of this program. It’s critical for energy and all sorts of stuff. If you’re very, very focused on weight loss, it can sometimes be easy to cut them out or not eat enough. 

The benefits of this program are truly amazing. It’s about health and I felt it in every fiber of my body after I competed 43 days of Whole30. I had a huge list of NSVs to support what my body was feeling. 

I really encourage you to give this a try and to trust this process. The results you’ll achieve will be bigger and more important than what you might achieve focusing exclusively on weight loss. It’s only 30 days. Your body will thank you! 

Anyway, I hope this helps. Best wishes!!

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7 hours ago, kirbz said:

@Sarah_MT, welcome! I was also planning to start on the first but got held up with a nasty cold. So here we are! :-)

@Betina Of course you can join! The more support, accountability, and camaraderie, the better! I've also completed a Whole30 but fell into bad habits not long after. I'm intending for this one to shape a lifelong way of healthy eating!

@Erinmhess Ideally, I believe it's recommended that snacks are fat and protein, if needed. Large quantities of nuts and seeds can bother a lot of people (of course, this Whole30 is your experiment so do as you like!). I like Safe Catch tuna. They come in flavored packages now so I can literally eat it straight out of the can dipped in some homemade mayo. I'll also sometimes cook up some chicken and cut it into cubes and store, which I can then use as a grab-and-go-snack with some avocado or guacamole. I also stock Wild Zora meat and veggie bars as my emergency snack since they don't mess with my sugar dragon (like Lara Bars or RX Bars do). 


Thank you @kirbz! I’m trying to avoid fruit as snacks as I already know fruit doesn’t stick with me very long. I’ve been adding it to lunches, but not as a snack.  

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Day three is in the books. I haven’t noticed a difference in energy yet, but I have not been going to bed early enough, and 3:30 comes way too fast when I go to bed at 10! But, I haven’t had any coffee since Thursday, and my energy is not any less than normal. So, I guess that’s a plus!

My NSV for today is that I don’t have slumps after eating a meal. I feel pretty steady energy wise all day. 

I did notice I was wanting to nibble today on non-compliant foods, but it wasn’t really a craving. 

Hope you are are doing well!

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10 hours ago, Sarah_MT said:

@Abi Labrador one of the biggest pieces of advice I got from the WH30 books and from this forum is not quite as much the quantity of fruit (though you definitely don't want to overdo it) but HOW and WHEN you're eating it.  If you are eating fruit by itself for a snack (without protein or fat) or, more importantly, if you're eating it to appease your sugar dragon then it's not within the spirit of WH30.  

Doesn't sound to me like you're eating too much fruit, especially if you are a pretty active person.  I don't think the extra sugar would effect too much physically but it could be impacting your mental focus and habits.  

If you think this might be you and you're reaching for fruit to combat mid-afternoon crankiness or for something sweet after dinner then I'd maybe forgo until later in your WH30 when you've conquered cravings.  If you're eating fruit as part of your meal with plenty of veggies as well then I think it should be fine.

Once the moderators catch up on all the threads they might be able to confirm and offer additional advice.  

Any other Alums have thoughts?

@Sarah_MT Thank you so much, you have absolutely hit the nail on the head and made me realise that I have definitely been using fruit as a mid afternoon treat and after dinner dessert substitute.  Totally. Changing my food habits and taming my sugar dragon is my number one goal for this month, so from now on will just have a little fruit as part of the meal itself maybe once a day and stick to savoury protein/fat snacks if I'm desperately hungry. Feeling so much better on the morning of Day 4 - actually got some energy and the headache is gone.  How is everyone else doing?

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On 06/01/2018 at 9:04 PM, LiLoVing said:

Even with arctic cold in my rea of the country and even being down with a bad cold i am still flying high and not caving in. Loved my breakfast of poched eggs, roasted potato and sauteed kale today.


Big struggle is finding a compliant hot sauce, one with no sugar or stabilizers added...


10 hours ago, lilliegirl said:

Hi ladies, On day 2 and feeling fine. No headaches, and no major cravings.

I am a little discouraged, I have been searching the forums and I've read several times that Whole30 isn't considered a weight loss diet. As much as I do want to form healthy eating habits and cleanse my gut of all the junk I've been consuming, I must say that weight loss is a big part of me looking for an eating plan.  Maybe I'm just getting into my head, but I feel like at the end of my 30 days I really want to see a decrease on that scale! 

I am thinking maybe this isn't the right plan for me? or I am psyching myself out and making excuses why I shouldn't be committed to 30 days? 

Does anyone have any weight loss success in addition to feeling better overall at the end of the Whole30? I feel like even those it has only been two days I am eating sooo healthy and can't imagine that some weight isn't going to come off.....

@LiLoVing Re: hot sauce, I think Tabasco is about the only one (certainly in the UK) that is compliant?  Possibly also Cholula as I think Xanthan gum is allowed as a stabiliser?


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Good morning! 

I actually woke up happy today. It could be Whole30, or getting 9 hours of sleep, or that today is a day off. Whatever it is, I’ll take it,

Just trying coconut milk in my coffee for the first time. Not horrible, but still not my sugary soy latte either. I guarantee this won’t leave me with a sugar crash though!

It’s funny, I didn’t realize how often I was crashing from what I ate until I started this program. Anyone else experience that?

Lots to get prepped today as I will be working the next seven days, with not much time to prep daily. 


Here’s to you ladies!

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Hi everyone 

Day Three. Tick. First day on the programme whilst at work which I’ve found tough, even though I had almonds to get me through, my left over Pot roast with veg & sweet potato which was lovely for lunch then a chicken salad w/Avocado this evening, I’ve wanted to eat everything (& haven’t!) I also struggled with a headache for most of the day too! 

As I don’t eat fish, I’m still taking vitamins everyday along with a multi-minerals one & Vitamin D, does this work ok to do so on the Whole 30? 

I couldnt see anything in the book about them so be good to get your thoughts. 

I’d also love some more breakfast ideas (which don’t involve salmon) if anyone can share some recipes too please? Get to be connected on here too! Don’t feel so alone whilst doing it! 


Im on @SarahJaneCass on Instagram if anyone would like to follow & connect! 

We’re off! Let’s keep doing this!! 

SJ x 

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On 1/5/2018 at 10:12 AM, GayleG said:

I have an immersion blender, so that's what I use to make my mayo. Just dump everything in basically and voila! The first time I made it I compared it to magic. I generally follow these directions: https://thehealthyfoodie.com/fail-proof-home-made-paleo-mayo-whole30-compliant/  I've only messed it up once and I think my jar was too big and I moved the immersion blender too soon. 

When using a regular blender instead, I've heard of people having more trouble getting it to properly emulsify, but plenty of people have no trouble at all and there are threads on the forum, if you hit any hiccups. 

@GayleG I just made the mayo from the link you suggested. In less than two minutes I made mayonnaise! I’ve done it before, but used vegetable oil, and was successful. Thank you for this Whole30 recipe!

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@Sjc123 Without having the book with me, I believe the Whole30 book advises that you shouldn't need any sort of supplement or multi-vitamin if you're eating according to the program. However, they don't require that you stop taking them by any means. 

That being said, as with everything else, you'll have to read the labels. My understanding is that A LOT of supplements have added sugar and/or soy products. So, read those labels! :-) 

Good luck! 

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Hey All!  Hope everyone is having a great Day 4/Day4!

@Abi Labrador glad to hear I could help!  Sugar cravings are super sneaky!

@Erinmhess I'm with you!  I've definitely noticed how stable my energy levels are on Whole 30!

@Sjc123 I'd do some research on your vitamins.  From my first round of WH30 I had a tough time finding vitamins that were compliant...especially fish oil (I don't like fish either).  I looked through the forum posts an I found one that was acceptable from SFH.com. It's the WSO3 Fish Oil (gluten free, soy free, sugar free).  It is a liquid that you take a tsp serving of.  Not the most pleasant experience (kinda oily) but it works!  As for other vitamins...I can't remember whether I read this in one of the books, on the forum or in a blog post but I thought that taking a multivitamin while doing Whole30 typically wasn't necessary.  From what I remember, because of all the food veggies, fats and protein we're eating you were able to get most nutrients through food so a supplement wasn't needed.  Just my 2 cents, definitely check into it for yourself and I'd love to hear others thoughts!

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@Sarah_MT I just wanted to say thank you for sharing those photos earlier. How inspiring! You look absolutely fantastic and have achieved some incredible physical results! And I'm sure the non-physical, non-scale ones are even better! We're glad to have you here! :-) 

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@GayleG & @Erinmhess I'm definitely going to have to try this immersion mayo!!  I haven't attempted mayo yet but last time I did make caesar salad (basically a mayo) and it took FOREVER!  I swear I was drizzling olive oil in my food processor for a solid 30 mins.  I was SO scared I'd mess it up!  

Thanks for passing the recipe along!!

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@Sjc123 Congrats on pushing through Day 3, despite the cravings and the headaches! Just keep reminding yourself why you're doing this and you'll make it and you'll be so, so happy you did! 

For breakfast, my very favorite breakfast meal (though probably not the healthiest) is spiralized potato (I typically do half sweet potato and half regular potato) cooked in ghee with some salt, pepper, and garlic seasoning. I serve it with some compliant bacon and plop three over-easy eggs on top! Yum! If you don't have a spiralizer, consider buying one! They're so, so easy to use, not very expensive, and you can make all sorts of fun foods with them! I buy this one: https://www.amazon.com/Paderno-World-Cuisine-Spiralizer-Counter-Mounted/dp/B0007Y9WHQ/ref=sr_1_5?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1515462426&sr=1-5&keywords=spiralizer

I also genuinely enjoy leftover BBQ chicken with steamed vegetables (typically carrots) and guacamole in the morning. 

And the Bacon, Spinach, and Tomato Salad from the Whole30 Cookbook is also delicious! 

I hope this helps! Breakfast was definitely the hardest meal of the day for me to figure out! 

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@Sjc123 I also like quiches and hash for breakfast.  There are a TON of great quiche recipes you can make (most with grated sweet potato for a crust).  Below is a link to one of my favorites.  The basic recipe for this one could be used with a wide variety of meat or veggies.


The other thing I like to make is a basic hash.  Cube a couple root vegetable (sweet potatoes) or a squash (butternut), brown 1lb of ground beef/turkey/chicken/pork with spices, sauté an onion, soften the potatoes/squash, add meat back in and Bob's your uncle.  I particularly like sweet potato with a couple of diced apples or ground turkey with shaved Brussel sprouts.  If you want to add more leafy greens you can throw in a lb of spinach right at the end or serve over arugula (my favorite).  The rough recipe I outlined is about 4 servings.

And I second @kirbz on the Padenro spiralizer...it's awesome! 

Let us all know if you find some new breakfast recipes you like!

Oh, and I took your cue and followed you on Instagram.  If anyone would like to follow me I'm @sarahbeansw.  

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On 1/5/2018 at 4:58 PM, Artistcam said:

I am also starting 1/5. Last night I went out to dinner and made the mistake of having a cocktail - Moscow Mule and also some delicious bread and butter.  I paid dearly for this indulgence - headache, muscle cramps, achy hand and arm, and a little indigestion. So today I am ready to do my 2nd Whole30 starting today.

i successfully completed a Whole30 about a year and a half ago.  Lost some weight around my middle, improved my chronic cough, and generally felt good.  Didn’t do a proper reintroduction last time.  Then I gradually went back to my old ways, which weren’t horrid but not so good. Attempted a couple more whole30’s but caved for my beloved coffee with cream.

My goals are to lose weight around my middle, improve my chronic cough, have more energy, eliminate my dairy addiction, and get my blood sugar readings back in normal range,  and do a great reintroduction so I really know what are healthy choices for me.

A little about me:

   77 year old female.  Married (my husband is doing the W30 with me)  Not overweight but heading that way.  My am weight today was 147.  5’4 .5” Want to lose a few lbs especially around my middle.  Diagnosed Type 2 diabetic a few years ago but managed to reverse the disease by severely restricting sugar and starchy foods like grains.  

Day 1 meals

M1  2 large eggs scrambled in clarified butter with leftover broccoli and Swiss chard, salt and pepper.  Black tea.

M2  large salad of romaine lettuce, chicken, storebought broccoli salad with cashew nuts and homemade salad dressing made with olive oil, sesame oil, vinegar, large pinch of salt, pepper, and sesame seeds.  Delicious and filling.

haven’t had third meal yet but plan on pork ribs (no sauce) and several cooked veggies with clarified butter. 

Good luck to you all and may the force be with you.  We are stronger than food cravings.









Interesting, when I decided to do this whole 30 it was because my inflammation and weight were out of control.  Friday, I ate a few takeout items that I knew I didn't handle well.  I have had a chronic cough since October and it was the worst it had been on Saturday - had to use my inhaler twice.  3 days in now and I have barely coughed in 2 days.  This is a side effect I hadn't counted on but hope it continues!

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Ahh thanks so much @Sarah_MT for your hash and vitamins advice, I didn't even think to check the labels on them!!! Eekkk.... I'll have a look this evening for sure :) 

Oooo I'll definitely check out the spiralizer too @kirbz - I just bought a slow cooker which I'm loving so will invest in this for sure as the sweet potatoes sounds great to do. 

I also need to get up much earlier so I'm not rushing first thing before work too so I can eat! 

Day Four guys...! Woo! x

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@Sarah_MT thank you so much for the inspiring pictures!!!! You are completely right about the weight loss aspect. This is for good my body no matter what the results! 

@kirbz thank you for sharing your results. It helps to know that there are real women out there going through this together!! 

I am starting day 4. Have had this headache now for the past two days. Any advice for the headaches??

My sleep has also been interrupted. And I am having trouble falling asleep, usually I can’t wait to get in bed at 9 pm. Anyone else having problems sleeping? 

Breakfast is though. I can’t stomach the leftovers this early in the morning. I found this recipe for oatmeal using cauliflower rice. Looks like it might take a while so maybe I will try this weekend. Maybe have to omit the raisins?  https://thehealthyfoodie.com/apple-cinnamon-noatmeal/

Have a great day ladies. 

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Hi everyone. I can hardly believe that it is the end of day 5. It has gone very easy for me.  Staying compliant with the food. 

3 meals a day with exception of today. We had a big rainstorm last night which woke me at 3 in the morning. I was awake until 8 am and then fell asleep until almost 11 am so missed having breakfast.  My first meal of the day was at noon.

m1 2 large eggs, Salvadoran chorizo and German pork sausage and leftover Swiss chard, black tea

m2  prime rib, a few baby potatoes, boiled cauliflower and broccoli stems, raw broccoli salad with mayo, golden raisins, red onion, and almonds, tangerine, some vitamin d3, magnesium and calcium, k2, cranberry pill.

No snacks except a cup of tea.   My meals were satisfying. The first few days on W30, I snacked a little and then I remembered to eat bigger meals to keep from getting hungry and wanting to snack. 

I have had a little headache that I think is coffee withdrawal.  Took Excedrin and it went away.  I am also focusing on drinking lots of water since dehydration can cause headaches.

My husband is doing well also and is having fun fixing new recipes.

Tips:  frittata recipe in Whole30 book is good and easy.  

  Easy to make zucchini noodles with a vegetable peeler. No need to buy a spiralizer.  Just peel outside into noodle-like strips and stop when you get to the seeds.  Sauté a few minutes and add sauce to them  

Make extra veggies and meat for dinner and use the leftovers in soup or hash the next day.  Or throw them in scrambled eggs or an omelet.

 Salsas and sauces add a lot to a simple egg or chicken or meat dish.  Just check ingredients if you purchase.  Otherwise homemade is easy.  

Crustless quiches are easy to make  I do them in a muffin pan so they are very portable.  I think that there are many recipes on the internet.

Good luck and love to you all and enjoy the journey.  



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How's everyone doing? We're quickly closing in on a week! 

I'm doing well overall. Though I need to re-think the timing of my meals. I’m going way too long between lunch and dinner (sometimes as much as eight+ hours) and find myself absolutely starving by the time I have Meal 3. Which typically leads to me eating a not-so-healthy-but-compliant meal. Such as bacon, eggs, and hashrowns. LOL, which is what i did last night! 

On a positive note, I feel less cravings this round than I did on my first. I think part of it is my level of commitment and knowing what to expect. It's like going to work. I don't like it everyday, but it's what I do. There isn't room for another option. My Whole30 this round feels like that. I may want something sweet but it's not a real consideration. And that feels good! 

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Oh, and I totally forgot to  bring my lunch to work yesterday so that kind of was terrible! Fortunately, I had enough random food lying around at work that I pieced together a meal that included an emergency meat and veggie bar, a hard-boiled egg, some olives and maybe a couple of other random things! 

Lesson learned. Don't leave the food you took the time to prepare at home! 

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@kirbz you're amazing - I could not go eight hours without eating.  But as you say, probably not a good idea.  I agree mid afternoon is my real hunger time - I'm trying to steer clear of fruit snacks as realised I was probably just using them as a sugar substitute but now I've just moved on to having a handful of cashew nuts. More savoury but again I'm aware snacking is not really approved of and I'm using them as a treat.  I seem to be finding the three big meals thing quite hard.

Today I was so much hungrier than yesterday and also got the tiredness they talk about on day 6 or 7 (though was all bouncy yesterday).  It's been a long week, but still feeling determined to keep at it.  I'm quite bloated from all this veg but here in rural Scotland it is really hard to find compliant foods (no bacon without nitrates/sulphites and even coconut milk impossible as has all the cans here have metasulphite in).

The only thing I am really missing is a proper mug of tea with milk but trying to learn to love the herbal stuff. . . 

Keep going everyone - you're all an inspiration, especially the old timers - thanks for your encouragement and tips!



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