What is the best way to sweeten Thai curry to balance the spicy?


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I have been trying to make a really good thai curry, and I really enjoy this recipe: https://myheartbeets.com/thai-red-vegetable-curry/

The only problem is that I feel there should be some sweetness to balance out the spicy. I have tried putting some fresh squeezed orange juice into it, but it seems like it doesn't really do much? Any suggestions would be helpful.

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How do you feel about pineapple? That's probably what I'd try in this particular recipe, but I really like pineapple, especially with the ginger and garlic flavors. I'd probably go with the canned in its own juice pineapple chunks, but fresh would be good as well. Or if you don't like the texture that would add, you could try pineapple juice.

Using two cans of coconut cream instead of a can of coconut milk and one of coconut cream might help too -- it wouldn't add a lot of sweetness, but the creaminess might help cut the heat some.

Potatoes or sweet potatoes also wouldn't add much sweetness, but might help balance the heat.


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