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Healthy For A Wedding


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Hi everyone, I saw this as the "introduce one's self" thread and figured I'd stop in. Truthfully I didn't know about the program until a few weeks ago when my fiance mentioned she'd be doing her 30 days before our wedding. In my infinite wisdom I discounted the Whole30 and informed her while I would support her I would in no way be participating. Over the last two weeks she'd steered our conversations to the potential health benefits of the program and I begrudgingly gave into her request that I "just read the first 60 pages please." 

Now, thanks to the testimonials of those who's lives have improved thanks to the ideals embodied in the program, I'm officially on day 2 of my first Whole30, and despite the obvious reservations I had before, I'm excited to see how my several health issues can be impacted by re-focusing my diet on the things my body needs. 

Hopefully my story can be a catalyst to someone else on the fence in the future, and I look forward to my journey! Glad to be here! 

- Mike

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