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2nd Whole30 - 2018 gift to myself


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It's a new year and time to get back to Whole30 again. I did my first Whole 30 the fall of 2016 and stayed pretty true to it until the summer, so now it is time to get back at it again.

There are some things I've learned from my first go round and reintroducing foods:

  • You have to go all in from day 1 and stick with it.
  • Each time you cheat, it gets harder to get back on it.
  • I feel so much better on Whole30 - allergies, asthma, acid reflux and arthritis are all so much better when I'm on Whole30.
  • Sugar is addictive, and just reintroducing a little ended up as a total backslide for me. No added sugar, honey, sweeteners.
  • The first Whole30 was a challenge, the second time it is a gift of health to myself. This time I am looking forward to it.
  • You have to plan meals. When you wing it, you slip off the program.
  • Get the non Whole30 food out of the house or out of sight if your significant other is not doing Whole30 with you.
  • Tell others so they can help support your and keep you accountable.

Day 1

  • Banana for breakfast ( I usually like to have an egg and fruit but not enough time this morning.)
  • Lunch - Salmon and veggies.
  • Dinner - leftover prime rib, cooked cauliflower, raw cucumbers and black olives.
  • Drinks - coffee, water, tea
  • Snack - almonds and cashews
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