Great Value Apple Cider Vinegar

Becky E

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Hi Becky,

I found this on the Whole30 website under Label Reading 101: Note: companies may also include a “precautionary label” using terms such as “processed in a facility that also processes…” or “manufactured on equipment that uses…”. While not required by federal regulation, this type of label is used by food manufacturers when there actually is a possibility (however small) that the food may contain an allergen which is not an ingredient but may be present as a result of the manufacturing process. The items on this label will not rule the product out for your Whole30, but if you have a serious known allergy to one of the ingredients listed, take note. 

Basically, this is an extra level of warning that come companies put on their products for those people who may have severe allergies. My understanding is for the purposes of Whole30, it's okay, just as long as you personally don't have a severe allergy to one of those things.

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