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Hello Whole30ers! 

First, I must admit that this isn't exactly my first adventure with Whole30, in fact this is my fourth time having a second day on Whole30, however, I am hoping this will be my first time reaching days 8-30. In case that isn't making sense, I have never made it more than a week on Whole30 because of the withdrawal headaches, however, this time I am planning to do all I can to push through and past the headaches.

My Why:

I have a number of reasons or whys for doing Whole30:

1. I'm not getting any younger....I'm creeping ever closer to 30 and that just feels weird to me

2. I have Diabetes Type 2 and haven't been good at watching what I eat like I should. I am also not very good at taking my meds so I would love to be off my diabetes meds.

3. I have poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) -- if I can get my hormones in a more regulated place then I am all for it!

4. I am overweight...I have been a large portion of my life but it's gotten worse in the last year and I need to fix that

5. I want to prove to myself that I can do hard things


Although food is a battle for me, even more difficult for me is getting exercise, I love to nap, snuggle with my cats and watch TV/movies so I am hoping to bump in my energy levels helps with that as well. 


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Hi cr89!

You can TOTALLY make it all 30 days this time around!!!

I think the key is to mentally commit to it 100%. If you're thinking "I think I can do it but I might give in after the first week", then that's not 100% committed. I try to think of it as a fact, not a possibility. "I will do it. End of story".

Just out of curiosity, do you have any of Melissa Hartwig's books? I think they're incredibly helpful! If you haven't read them, I suggest starting with her new Whole30 Day by Day book. It's only $12 after tax on Amazon and it will be at your door in 2 days. I love the daily tips and encouragement.

Also, I don't know very much about PCOS, but if you need to regulate hormones then the Whole30 is the way to do that. It may be hard to believe in the first two weeks of the Whole30, but you will feel AMAZING by the end of week three. There are so many non-scale victories (and scale victories too) that you could see, but the only way to know what will happen is to finish the 30 days. It's only 30 days out of the 30,000+ days in your lifetime. You can do it. I know you can. It will be SO worth it, I promise!!!


I look forward to hearing about your experience! Seriously, I want to hear about your victories, so don't let me down ;) 

Best of luck,

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Oh my gosh Emily! You are so awesome and completely sweet! I love you encouragement!

I definitely need to change the thought from "hopefully" and "we'll see" to "I can and I will"! 

I have read "It Starts with Food" and "Whole30 Cookbook". I definitely want the "Day by Day" book but have to wait for payday (aka Friday!), however, in the mean time I am on the email list and I am keeping a journal, which I have already written a lot in. 

I especially love your comment, "It's only 30 days out of the 30,000+ days in your lifetime." <-- That definitely makes the 30 days seem much smaller and more doable! 

I will pop back onto this thread and keep you posted on how things are going! 


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Here's an update as today is Day 7...honestly I think this is the furthest I've ever made it and I feel great and I am looking forward to the next 23 days of my challenge....in fact, 23 days doesn't sound as daunting as it did at the start of this journey!

Overall I am enjoying the food, feeling motivated and facing temptations successfully! I find my mind much more clear already, to the point that I'll be doing something then all of a sudden I am like, "Wow! Everything seems so clear and I feel so focused and mentally energized!"

My challenges so far have included chocolate chip cookies in the break room on day 2....cookies I were told were "really good" and "the best I've ever had" by some of my co-workers, but I passed them by, and honestly being day two my will power was stronger than day 4, when breakfast pizza arrived in the break room. Seriously, we love to eat where I work and not the whole foods I am growing to really enjoy, and dare I say, love. Day 5 my sister and I went to a movie...this was hard. Although I don't usually eat much of our popcorn (honestly 2-5 handfuls on average) I wanted all the popcorn and doused in butter (also not my normal) but I stuck to my water and the a few whole almonds that I snuck in to theater because I am a rebel! Haha! Day 6  I passed on going out to lunch with my church friends because I don't feel ready to navigate the restaurant scene, and although they were going to one of my favorite places I said no thanks and went home to my safe pulled pork and mashed sweet potatoes, which were delicious!

I do have a confession though....the morning of Day 5 I stepped onto the scale...I mean I had to know because I am that person and 30 days of eating healthy without using my scale is more than I can handle so I did it...and I am unashamed to say that I wanted the extra motivation to help me stay the course...I am pleased to say that days 1-4 saw a drop of 5.2lbs. I have been hovering between 171 and 176 for over a year now so breaking that and finding myself in the 160's was so exciting! 

I have already learned that I love sweet potatoes, I also really like bell peppers (especially sauteed) and that sneaking more vegetables into my diet isn't really all that hard...except breakfast...that's more challenging. And I have learned that I enjoy journaling about my journey!

Thanks for the positivity and the encouragements!

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It's day 11! From my understanding this is about the time the "magic" starts to happen! According to my "Whole30 Day-by-Day" I and cresting the peak of the roller coaster! In fact, today I walked in to the break room at work and there are three boxes of doughnuts...I anticipated craving one but instead I felt apathetic about them!! This is huge!! 

I am continuing to find meals I like...and even better I am enjoying the leftovers!

I enjoy meal prepping, I have motivation and energy to do more (in fact, yesterday at the end of the day at work I had a "craving" to clean my house...this is not a thing I've experienced...EVER!), I feel more mentally alert, my thoughts are more clear, my focus is increased, I'm more productive at work, I have more patience, I am recovering from more strenuous activities more easily and quickly, I have regular BMs (sorry if that's TMI but this is pretty big for me), I am sleeping better most nights, my cravings are reduced by at least 75% and my "elevator pitch" is improving. 

I am still working on trying to eliminate snacks (but also just listening to my body and feeding it when it is truly hungry), changing my vocabulary from "I can't eat that" to "I'm a choosing not to eat that right now", changing "diet" to "eating habits" or "lifestyle change", and I have yet to attempt eating out...I'm afraid it would be too hard so I want to try a meal out somewhere to show myself it's do-able.

I know I'm not quite halfway through but I feel so successful, and honestly, 19 more days sounds like a "piece of cake"! (Pardon the sugary food expression!)

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Well I have finally reached day 15! I feel great overall (despite having a cold)!

My productivity at  work has reached an all time high, my mental focus is the best it's been in a long time (possible ever), I am eating the healthiest I ever have, my skin looks healthier than ever before, my sleep quality has greatly improved, I have a cheerier disposition and I am overall more confident about myself. My shirts are looser, my jeans require belts to stay up and I have to dress in extra layers to stay warm (although I'm not sure at this point how much of a win that is). 

I am still enjoying meal prepping and eating delicious, healthy meals and am adjusting the the mountains of dishes I create. People have started to say I'm looking good but usually after I bring up the Whole30. I am still thinking/considering making my Whole30 into a Whole60 for a variety of reasons but mostly because I feel like my body tends to take longer to adjust to new things and I take longer to create new habits so I want to make this a more permanent change. Also, I have elected to not add in exercise on this Whole30 because I want to show myself how much what I eat affects me, however, I think the second Whole30 I will add in exercise to see how that can affect my health improvements. (Plus, my mother, whom I don't live with, is considering doing the Whole30 starting on February 1 and my sister would likely join her in it so then I would have a couple people to support and to help keep me encouraged.)

I am looking forward to the the tiger-blood in the next 15 days as I FINALLY mark completing a Whole30 of my list of things I want to accomplish in my life!

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