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Super Specific Kombucha Question


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One of my local grocery stores has a brand of kombucha from a very local company on tap. Lots of different flavors, but no labels because you bring your own growler or buy one of theirs. On the website for this kombucha, they list all of the ingredients starting with their base recipe, which includes sugar. None of the other flavors list sugar, and they state plainly on the website that they don't use any added sugar after fermentation. Is this out because of the sugar listed in the base recipe? Or it it compliant?


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So.......the trouble with kombucha is labelling, basically. Some companies label their kombucha with the ingredients for the actual kombucha listed and then also the ingredients for the flavourings afterwards. Some companies don't list the actual base kombucha ingredients, meaning that their label doesn't show sugar at all. The thing is, ALL kombucha starts out the same way and requires sugar to do its deed.

The Whole30, in order to make it as simple as possible for people reading labels and especially people who don't necessarily understand kombucha, said that any label which states sugar is out.

THAT SAID; a kombucha that lists sugar in the first fermentation (because again, they ALL use it) but sweetens and flavours WITHOUT added sugar, is compliant. The one you have linked is compliant. 

Maybe they will take my moderator hat away for saying this, but this is a silly ruling which dumbs down the rules and assumes that people can't learn to understand the process of kombucha brewing/labelling and the difference between sugar added for creation and sugar added to sweeten the end product. 

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