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I started the Whole30 yesterday and am writing this while struggling through a Day 2 "hangover" headache....yeah!  I had a great day yesterday and felt very positive about the food I ate and how I felt, but today is a different story.  Warming up my leftover meatloaf and roasting some veggies so I hope the nutrients will help.

I signed up for the RealPlans menu planner to help me through this process and so far so good.  It was super easy to use and the grocery list feature made shopping very easy.  My one issue is that you can add all these delicious items to your daily menu without any oversight of calories, chloesterol, fat. etc.  I looked up the nutrition information from yesterday's meals and was pretty shocked.  Something I'll need to watch, but at least the recipes have been very tasty!  

I'm hoping over the next 30 days that I'll be able to reset myself and learn more about how food affects my body.  I'm turning 40 this year and this is a bit part of my year long journey to pay more attention to myself and tune in without feeling selfish about it.  Cheers!

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Welcome to Whole30! It sounds like you have a wonderful attitude so hang in there and you'll start noticing those NSVs in no time! I did my first Whole43 late last year and I am thrilled with the results I achieved. It truly changed my health and so I'm back for more (starting again on Friday)! 

Anyway, I just wanted to pass this link along to help with your mindset about macro-nutrient oversight... https://whole30.com/2016/01/tracking/. It might be helpful for you! 

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