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I'm giving this Whole30 a shot for a variety of reasons. These include the below:

  • I need to develop a healthy relationship with food and drink that I can follow for the rest of my life. Even if there are going to be times where I do not follow this specific plan, i think i will learn a great deal doing this. 
  • Relief from chronic pain and joint problems. I have almost unbearable pain daily in my knees. I am always stiff. I think staying healthy and reducing inflammation will help.
  • I need to remember to drink tons of water. I am dehydrated most of the time. It's stupid to be that way, and I am determined to up my water intake.
  • End bloating and develop clearer skin.
  • Have more energy, stamina, and athletic endurance. I can barely ride my bike right now and I want to be able to tackle trails by Spring.
  • Lose weight. It has gotten out of hand over the holidays.

I've never tried the program but have done similar in the past. There was a nutritionist/trainer in Seattle who used to do yearly "Resolution Challenges" every January - eight weeks of whole, clean eating. All plant-based, and dairy free, not to mention alcohol free. I never felt better than when I followed that plan, and I will probably still incorporate a lot of the salad recipes in this Whole30 plan.

I signed up and started January 2nd. After a beautiful New Year's day saying farewell to the old me - over peas, rice, and [one single!] bloody mary on January 1st.

My biggest fears right now:

It is bitterly cold winter here where I am (Virginia). I am missing comfort foods but staying strong. Trying not to think about or name them, I am afraid I will slip up or give in in a fit of tears and freezing cold misery.

In addition to comfort foods, I am afraid I will give in to the urge to warm up with a glass of wine. I am telling myself that it is poison to me right now, and there is no getting healthy while drinking poison.

OK. Time ot start logging.


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Day 1 - January 2nd, 2018

Busy at work, no distractions.  Stayed on plan so easily.

Food eaten, in order throughout day:

  • Tablespoon of pure organic 100% almond butter
  • Raw zucchini "noodles" with lemon juice, green leaf lettuce with oil and vinegar and avocado, tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Small slice of grain/flour free meatloaf (really just lean ground beef and egg as the ingredients).
  • A clementine
  • Green salad with slice of  organic, fresh, baked turkey.
  • Small handful of Walnuts
  • Rewarding glass of sugar free kombucha to wind down with.


Kombucha is my new treat every day. Important to steer clear of sugary ones.



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Day 2, January 3, 2018

Food eaten:

  • spoonful of almond butter
  • green salad with lettuce, radish, cilantro, cabbage, avocado, vinegar, hot sauce, sliced turkey
  • a few cashews and walnuts
  • sauteed kale. roasted sweet potato, poached egg
  • ginger herbal tea
  • kale smoothie (raw kale, tiny handful frozen peaches, whole fat unsweetened coconut milk)


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Day 3. January 4th. Cold and Snowy.

I am irritable and angry and I want comfort. Not going to get it.


  • Applegate Naturals chicken sausage
  • green smoothie with spinach, arugula, blueberries, water.
  • boiled egg
  • slice of turkey

Will post later what I end up doing for dinner. I am miserable.

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Day 3 dinner.

I roasted two delicata squash and also two poblano peppers. Tiniest bit of coconut oil in pan. Salt and pepper. Scooped squash out and mashed with little olive oil and lemon juice and parsley, used that to stuff the peppers. Topped with pumpkin seeds.


I have had three cups of ginger tea to stay warm.


The food was really good.

Need to prep for tomorrow, a salad to pack for work, a green smoothie.


Whole30 discourages smoothies but I say they are good. I make them with leafy greens and whole fruit -  no sweeteners, no milks except whole coconut milk or just water. I can only spend so much time each day making and chewing salads - if I put the same exact ingredients in a Ninjabullet I'm still getting the entire plant.

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Day 5! Day 4 passed in an irritable blur of being cold and having a cold. I mainly ate eggs, cashews, and bone broth - too sick to do much. Today I feel better, drinking lots of hot tea and tried a little Kombucha.


Husband made me Whole30 compliant breakfast! Shredded potatoes cooked in a little coconut oil and a poached egg. We will have a small steak tonight with sauteed cabbage and kale.

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Today is Day 7. Continuing to be ok for the most part. Have a cold now, so appetite is nil (bonus)?

Will try to make compliant soup tonight and drink herb tea with lemon. Feeling kind of bored and blah. At least it is warming up.


Sunday Night (day 6) had a small filet and sauted kale. Good. No other interesting food...just sweet potatoes and green vegetables all weekend, And eggs.

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