What Day Am I On?


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My husband and I started our Whole30 together on January 2nd, after a weekend of binge eating while out with family and friends. As night one approached, I started feeling horrible and went to bed exhausted, hoping to not feel the symptoms of the DAY 2 Hangover. DAY 2 was a struggle to even get out of bed, I had a massive migraine that was making me so sick to my stomach. My husband cooked me a compliant breakfast but I couldn't stomach anything (normally when I get a migraine, I eat bland mashed potatoes or crackers before I take some Advil as to not take the medication on an empty stomach.) As prepared as I felt I was, I didn't have anything to satisfy my weak stomach in that moment and in a panic, knowing I needed to get through my work day, I finally caved saying, "it's only DAY 2, I'll have to start over tomorrow and be better prepared for this" ate a few crackers and took the Advil.

I felt pretty yucky early in the day, ate a banana and then around lunch time felt as if I could go back to my prepared meals. I ate compliant the rest of the day and figured maybe it would be better for me to have had those 2 days eating almost compliant pre-Whole 30, rather than my binger anyway. I had about 8 Ritz crackers which probably broke every ingredient rule, but, it was just those 8 crackers that were not complaint within those 2 days.

I didn't think this would be a big deal, but as I'm rereading my DAY 1 material to start fresh- I'm feeling confused. Reading ahead in my Day by Day book and utilizing the emails, it seems that I'm feeling physical symptoms and the mental mindset of DAY 3. I have no problem starting over, I want to do it right..but do you think I should continue to read ahead as my body may be feeling 2 days ahead with only 1 disruption...and then add those 2 days at the end? Or should I continue on as this is DAY 1, as that would have set me back completely? I know it's just a guide and not everyone feels the same anyway, but it's my first Whole 30 and I feel like it's really helpful to know what's normal to think and feel each day.

What Day am I on?

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I think you're overthinking it. As far as the reset goes, you're on Day 1 because 1 Ritz or the whole box means your gut was reset.

The timeline is just a guide and can fluctuate throughout the program. Think and feel however you think and feel. There's no one right way to feel on Day 3 and one right way to feel on Day 13. It is what it is....the timeline is a guide.

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Me? Overthink? Never! Haha ;)

Thank you, I think I was a bit foggy brained and sluggish yesterday and not as hyped up as I felt I should be for starting over. I feel REALLY great today, conquered my first restaurant experience last night (which I was nervous about) and figured if this is my new Day 2 - I'll take it! Thanks again!

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