epic animal fats sold out


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My grocery store actually has them, in the aisle with other oils/shortening. I don't know if that's normal for all grocery stores or not though.

If you have a local health food store, Whole Foods, Central Market, Sprouts, or something like that, you might try there as well.

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42 minutes ago, zazz said:

Where can I get Epic Animal Fats for cooking? They are sold out on their website.

Did you try using the "find store" feature on their website? You put your zip-code in and a desired mileage range you're willing to travel and it gives you a complete list of all the stores that sell their product along with a map which would then link you to a phone number. I would just look on that same website you were already on and then call around. Seems simple enough?

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Where are you located? They're sold out in my local Whole Foods and no longer appear on Thrive's website. I did get a notification a couple of months back that they had issued a recall on a bunch of their fats. Maybe it's related to the stockouts?

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