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Carolyn 1

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I started Whole30 o January 2nd. I totally tried to eat everything in my home before this date. Sadly,I succeeded.  I have been really good since Tuesday, except that I keep forgetting something at home. The first day I totally forgot my breakfast. The second day I forgot the avocado to go with my hard boiled eggs for breakfast.  Yesterday, I was good except we had a blizzard here and my job closed at 12. I went home and shoveled the driveway only to pull something in my lower back.  I am generally is good shape, I exercise at least 4 times a week. This pain is all new to me. I did have to take Advil, and used a heating pad. Is it ok that I took Advil?  I do not think I could have survived the night without it. Otherwise, I think I am on track!

Here is to another successful day!

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