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Back to school on Monday and I’m panicking!


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Hi everyone!

I started Whole30 on the 1st.

I’m a middle school teacher and I go back to work on Monday the 8th and I’m panicking (and trying not to and for some reason everything is making me want to cry today and it’s NOT my period).

I’m the worst at consistently eating lunch at work, it’s the biggest struggle for me. Even when I bring something for lunch that would usually be super delicious and exciting for dinner I’ll sometimes just not eat it. I’m one of those rare teachers that works too hard (sarcasm, all teachers work too hard). Sometimes I don’t eat lunch because I get to absorbed with what I’m working on and forget that I only have 20 minutes before my kids come back from lunch, sometimes my lunch literally takes too much time to eat and I can’t drop my students off at lunch, go to the bathroom, heat up food and still have time to eat it (and forget eating during class, I’m trying to TEACH).

I think the part of my brain that decides what to eat when I’m at work is a 5 year old child. All she wants to eat is easy comfort food (oh, hai all the cheese and carbs).

Where I need help is planning lunches that I can eat quickly and won’t avoid (soup is OUT. That takes SO LONG to eat for me. And it’s always either too hot to eat quickly or not hot enough and kind of gross).

Any suggestions or resources?

Any one else in the same boat and want to commiserate/support each other?

I did grab a couple of RxBars, some jerky, a couple of single serving packets of olives, and a fruit/veg purée pouch thing to stash in my purse and in my desk for super emergency days. But I don’t want to rely on that for my actual lunch.

Ideally, I want to come out of this month in control of my lunch time and with foods I enjoy and will actually eat. Instead of just cramming chocolate in my face after dismissal every day. Because that 100% happens when I skip lunch.

Thanks everyone!

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I'm not a teacher, but I am a college student with days where I have to scarf food between classes if I want to eat. I bring cold food to school for days I don't have breaks longer than 30 minutes. Some days I wouldn't have time to eat between meetings and classes, but I would feel it later. You should try to put time aside, even 10 minutes, to eat. 

For food suggestions, those type of days I like to eat salads like tuna, egg, or shredded chicken. Veggies I pack are usually carrots, sliced peppers, and cucumbers and dip them in dump ranch or guacamole packets. If you don't have access to a refrigerator, get a nice lunch bag that has decent insulation, that's what I do. 

Main tip though, don't over-complicate your meals for lunch while you are at work. 

I love your main goal to achieve for this. You can do it! :)

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Hope you are still sticking with it!

I am a teacher (first grade) too. I stock my classroom with almond butter packets and sliced apples for quick snacks. For lunch I bring compliant deli meat, hard boiled eggs, or some stir fried meat and veggies. Lunch is often taken up with copies, bathroom breaks, and phone calls. Sometimes I do have to just heat things up and they sit on my desk, stealing bites as I can. 


Good Luck!

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