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Starting tomorrow (Jan 6th) and scared


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Just wanted to introduce myself to the fabulous people here. I've done a bunch of reading and I'm finally getting on the Whole30 bus. I've watched a couple girlfriends do whole30 and be successful with it but I was never ready to commit. Now I am. In the last year I put on nearly 50 lbs. Part of it was because I stopped running (health problems) and part of it is I'm just getting older. Decided I needed a major change.

To a small degree I'm sort of "winging it". I've got a plethora of recipes, I've read the rules, and I did some preliminary shopping last night. I've convinced my husband to at least half way jump in with me. He's military and so his weight is in check, which means he doesn't care what he eats since he still out PTs all his new privates. But for him to agree to at least eat some of my meals with me and help me do some cooking, I consider it a win. 

I know I probably should have more planning in place but if I keep using excuses for not getting started then I'll never get off the line with it. So here's to hoping I can stick it out, and looking forward to sharing successes with everyone here! I'm glad I'm finally starting! 

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