Survived Long Run Day 5 - am I good to go?


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I did my first Whole30 five years ago and am currently in round 2 (today is d5).  Last time I did it, my body never really got the fat-adapted memo.  My first long run (also on day 5) was so bad I had to quit in the middle and hobble home.  I ran 4 whole miles and felt like it had been 20 since my body decided to fuel from muscle.  I ended up in a ice bath the next day...after 4 whole miles.  

Fast forward to this week - I just got back from a 10 mile run, my first long run on this round, and did not remotely experience what I did last time.  I had sweet potatoes last night (which I still can hardly stand from last round), then this morning had collagen, MCT oil, and some turkey before my run.  I had a clif rope around 3 miles in and then sweet potato/apple baby food maybe around 6.  I sipped on coconut water throughout.  For reference, I ran 10 last week on a kids' rxbar (ate that before), and didn't need any fuel during.  10 has been about my limit over the last few years for not needing fuel....and I am usually good with just about 100 calories or so beforehand, but they have usually been carbs and/or just collagen peptides.


Sooooo - do y'all think maybe I have avoided the awfulness of last time?  I'm not doing any speed work these days (just coming back from injury), so I don't expect to have much in the way of speed, but today was right about what my long run pace has been.  If the rest of my runs are like today or better, I can certainly make it through this time without near the anguish of last time :-)

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I'm happy to report my long run on D12 was just great!  I forgot my garmin, which was probably a blessing in disguise, but I felt fine the whole run - managed 12.6 with a fairly hilly middle section.  I stuck to no carbs before and did 2 fruit/veggie baby foods during (160 cal total) and about 8oz coconut water.


I'm running a half marathon this weekend and need to figure out how to carry everything I need - that is one big drawback of doing things this way - coconut water and baby food isn't exactly readily available on the course and baby food packets are fairly big.

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