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Sweet Potato Toast


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I apologize if this is a thread already.

We made sweet potato toast this morning and it was great: cutting 1/4 rounds, putting in oven for 30 minutes, broiling at the end. We topped with egg and avocado and it was perfect. 

We want to make clubs for our packed lunch (like this: http://littlecoconutty.com/2015/01/california-club.html) but I'm not sure if sweet potato toast needs to be eaten right away to keep it from getting hard, etc. I couldn't find the answer about having them later versus right away on any recipes. Want to make sure the texture is still good if we make it in the morning and eat it 6 hours later for lunch. Does anyone have pointers or suggestions? 


Thank you! 

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On 1/13/2018 at 12:33 PM, Sugar free barista said:

I was going to post about this too but ask how you cut your sweet potato. You cut in rounds? The pictures I saw they looked oblong. 

When I'm making "toast" (loaded with guac, arugula, bacon and fried egg) I slice the long way. Having a sharp knife is key. If I'm making them into "buns" for mini sliders or pulled pork I slice into rounds.

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