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1st Whole 30 Jan 1st. keys to the first 10 days? Crossfit workout recovery


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Good afternoon and Happy Holidays. My name is Mark and live in Kearney, MO with my wife and two children. Just started Crossfit again in December after 4 year hiatus and gaining 20 lbs. Have a thyroid issue and guess I am one of the few men that has Hashimoto's and a Paleo diet was recommended to help deal with that and getting back in shape for a lifestyle not just a diet fad.

Welcome any input recommendations on making it the first 10 days. I figure if i can get through the first two weekends with out my wife shooting me from being grumpy I can make it the rest of the month. I will be at a conference in LA from 11-14 any words of wisdom on staying the course while living in a hotel room and conference room for 4 days?

Any issues you have faced with working out as you changed to the Whole30 plan, preworkout, post workout recovery etc...

Ready to breakthrough and start 2013 off the right way for a new and improved Vision and lifestyle.

Happy New Year!!!!

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Welcome Mark. Many people find the first three days easy, the next few days often the 'kill all the things" mood kicks in (serious sugar withdrawal/detoxing) followed by extreme tiredness until your body gets the hang of using fat instead of sugar more efficiently.... Many people stop exercising or scale it back until the tiredness goes. I found I was alright for gym classes but struggled in my runs. As soon as I stopped I recovered quickly though.

For the conference, have a stash of canned fish, jerky, nuts, perhaps baby carrots if you can get them for the breaks to avoid the pastries. Otherwise order fresh fruit if you can (I took nuts and coconut flakes to add to fresh fruit to get protein and fat into my snack). Meals should be okay if you can order a plain steak or fish and salad or veg. Good luck and good on you for planning in advance, you will succeed!

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Hi, I have Hashimoto's too, and I actually found that my energy increased almost immediately on my first Whole30. I think what happened was that my body was able to process my medication (I take brand Synthroid every morning) more efficiently. I used to get the jitters after taking it and then feel wildly hungry within 30 minutes, even though we're not supposed to eat for at least an hour after taking. Pretty much as soon as I started the Whole30 that all stopped, and I just felt a much more even level of energy throughout the day.

My doc explained, when I was first diagnosed, that the thyroid hormone gets regulated by the body six times in a 24 hour period. When we're supplementing (or in some cases replacing entirely) that process of regulation, we're only getting that supplementation to our thyroid function once in a 24 hour period. So I just always thought the jitters and the extreme hunger just after taking my medicine was something I'd have to live with. It turned out not to be true, once I started my Whole30. I can take my Synthroid and no jitters, no extreme hunger, I'm able to really wait to eat until I'm supposed to; and the overall stabilization in my energy levels has helped me to get rid of some added weight that was creeping on because of all the lethargy.

All that to say, I'm not a statistical study, just an anecdote (well, I'm a person, but you get the idea) - but what I'm saying is, don't necessarily expect that your energy will drop. With Hashimoto's, you might very well see your energy stabilize and begin a steady rise. That's what happened to me. My body just uses the Synthroid much better. I was going to ask my doc to up my dose in January, and now I'm not, I really feel very energetic and stable. So much so that the hypothyroid lethargy is gone and I HAVE to exercise to burn up my excess energy.

Again, I'm not you, and I've not been part of any study to show that this is the norm for Hashimoto's people. But I'm just suggesting to not assume you will have an energy or mood crash at the start. For me it was like my body just kind of went, "Hello Synthroid, we didn't know you were there trying to help us out, jump in!" and I actually felt increasingly better day by day, starting from day one.

I wish you all the best. Hashimoto's can feel like a weird condition - it's sort of there but it's sort of not, you can't always tell if you're just tired or if it's your thyroid, you're basically healthy but sometimes feel sluggish... I've found that eating Whole30 has been great for stabilization and increase in energy and overall sense of wellbeing. It's that indefinable thing that we lose over time with Hashimoto's, I think. That overall sense of wellbeing. And, for me, it's back. I hope hope hope that same thing proves true for you. Good luck and have fun and enjoy the good food!

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