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New & Started Program 01/01

Ken McNeil

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I am a 52 year old man that was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in October when my sugar levels had a 3 month average of 276 and medical issues were present.  Historically, I am an ex college wrestler that has weighed between 340lbs and 290lbs for the last 17 years.  When I started the lifestyle on 01/01 my weight was 303lbs.  No diabetic or health issues until 2017.  This program is very similar to my diet when I wrestled in the mid to late 80's.  Because of that, it has been easy to maintain and understand.  I still weigh myself because of past habits and I would not break the rules and report my first SUCCESSFUL week.  However, I will report my sugar levels that I take daily.  I started on 01/01and my sugar was 246, today 01/07 my sugar level is 127.  Both readings were taken in the AM before coffee or breakfast.  NO MEDS.  

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