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A barista striving for 30 days free of sugar/grain

Sugar free barista

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Day 7: my 17 year old daughter is kind of catching on and addition to bringing home granola for herself  she also has brought home pineapple, pomegranate and blueberries, the last which was on my shopping list and now I don't need to buy. She also ate some chicken tikka masala I made last night with cauliflower rice, and that made me happy. 

Tomorrow I start week 2 of the whole30 at work. I've been discussing in the meal planning forum how to deal with energy crashes at work as I work in a physically and emotionally demanding job. My job is what motivated me to start the whole 30. I have access to pastries, sauces, syrups, 8 hours a day and can mark out food and beverage as part of my employee benefit. It was finally time for me to put the breaks on. I've been vegan so giving up the dairy has not been a problem, and legumes aren't a trigger food, but I've been trying to give up sugar and grains over half my life.

What finally motivated me was a year into my job, I just passed my first year anniversary, I was 10 lbs overweight for the first time in my whole entire life other then postpartum. I'm quickly losing the fat/bloat as I am not at all sedentary. The sugar/grain cravings have been, and continue to be rough. 

I bought the whole30 and the whole30 day by day off amazon, and I just picked up it starts with food from the library. 

I spent all last week either shopping or preparing food. I haven't prepared three meals a day for a week in longer then I can remember. 

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