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First timer to whole30!

Emily gillis

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I am starting today too - first time!  I have had terrible eating habits in the past and am looking to break that cycle and hopefully alleviate some joint pain that has started in the last 3 months.  I am excited and motivated, but nervous.  My husband and kids are not doing this with me although they will be eating the compliant dinners that I make.

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19 hours ago, Emily gillis said:

Hi guys, this will be my first time starting this planon January 8th! I’m not usually a clean eater so this will be a huge change for me but I am very motivated to stick to it! Any advice, help, or motivation from you guys will truly help me along the way. 

Perhaps my results will be motivating.  I completed my first Whole 30 last July, and prior to it I was a definite Standard American Diet eater who tried to make some healthy choices here and there but never stuck with it.  My results:

- lost 40 lbs without increasing exercise or limiting portion sizes;

- lowered my blood pressure from 130/90 ON medication to 110/70 with NO medication;

- went from pre-diabetic to completely normal blood sugar;

- dropped my triglycerides by 60%;

- I am calmer and my sleep has improved somewhat;

- I've drastically changed my taste buds - I never really cared for vegetables prior, now I LOVE them.  I've completely quit diet soda.  

I continue to eat Whole30 probably about 95% of the time.  I love how I eat now,  and am unwilling to go back to my previous diet.  Certain things SOUND good still, but mostly I really don't mind not eating them.  

I am doing a second whole 30 starting Jan 1, just because I felt some bad habits (binge-ing on some fruit and/or nuts for instance) creeping back in, and figured it would be easier to correct before it got worse.

Welcome and best of luck! 

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