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Started Dec. 24-now on day 7


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I started on Dec. 24th on the advise of my doctor. I showed her my list of supplements and a few foods I was eating to try to beat inflammation. My other doctor wanted me to go on Cymbalta for my fibromyalgia but I hated the thought. This doctor suggested I try to do it with food and told me how she had done it and how much it helped her. I hadn't heard of Whole30 before. She even got me the name of a farmer to get grass fed, organic meat from only 3 miles from me. I looked it over and thought no problem, I can do this. Upon further reading I realized it would be best for me to do the auto-immune protocol (Grave's Disease over 30 years ago). Then it became difficult! Having eggs, nuts, tomato products would have made it so easy! The auto-immune protocol is so restrictive. I am also getting the daily email but find any recipes and such are over 90% unusable or need adaptation because of the auto-immune restrictions. I have been on the medical issues forum but feel there isn't enough out there for those of us with auto-immune issues. The majority of recipes call for eggs, or nuts, or tomatoes.

The first 5 days were the hardest. Day 5 was the worst. I felt horrible, sweating and nausea all day. On day 6 I felt good. Today is okay. We went to a friends for pizza and I brought my own food. Not a big deal.

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