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Cranky Pants R2D8


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Round 2, Day 8. In R1 last year I found my moods/feelings/energy was pretty consistent with the "timeline," but this round I'm finding is a bit different. I've read and answered many forum posts about how normal is it to feel crappy in the first week+ (even two or three weeks, depending!), so I know it's normal, but I'm sad and cranky today. It's not even because I want to eat non-compliant food! I am finding I've been feeling a little more weak and fatigued than last round and I've been having some skin trouble that I know is making me feel badly about myself. On top of that, I didn't sleep well last night and I'm sure that's also contributing to my mood.

Regardless, here's some of my recent meals - maybe I need a check in about how I'm eating and that'll help me feel better.. 


M1: Three eggs scrambled with onions, 1.5 cups shredded brussel sprouts with "ceasar" mayo-based dressing, .5 cup blackberries

M2 (about to eat, haven't yet- bfast was very late today 930am, slept in): 3 zucchini fritters (made with an egg - totals about 1.5 cups), 2 over easy eggs (yeah, I know, a lot of eggs today - usually I don't eat eggs twice in a day), 1/2 avocado, small baby greens salad, compliant vinegar dressing

M3 (plan is): chicken coconut thai soup with side of roasted broccoli (soup has coconut milk, red pepper, mushrooms, chicken, compliant fish sauce, garlic, lemongrass, compliant chili sauce, s&p). 



M1: Three eggs scrambled, 1.5 cups shredded bsprout salad with mayo-based dressing, blackberries (this is my typical bfast)

M2: 1.5 cups of turnip leek soup (turnips, leeks, coconut milk, broth), half of a plantain made into homemade tostones (and no protein, I'm realizing)

M3: 1+ palm sized amount of london broil, 2 small red potatoes, .5 cup? (maybe more) sauteed zucchini, .25 cup veg mix - broccoli, carrots, olive oil on potatoes


Day 6: 

M1:Three eggs scrambled, 1.5 cups shredded bsprout salad with mayo-based dressing, blackberries - typical bfast

M2: actually, completely forgot to bring food to work because I was running late - I ate as soon as I got home (about 8 hrs later 0.0) - I had a bowl (1.5 cups) of turnip leek soup and a small portion of the pork posole I had made the day before.

M3: Pork posole (W30 recipe) with half plantain of tostones, 4-5 blackberries


So, of course I can see M2 is a problem for me - I remember it was in R2 also. Getting protein in that meal seems to be the hardest thing. I will make an effort to have more complete meals for M2. Any only thoughts?

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Looks good for the most part aside from the issues you've already noted.

Strongly suggest you keep a work/backpack stash! Compliant envelopes/cans of tuna or salmon, EPIC bars, Chomps, can of olives - have saved me many times.

Also how much water are you drinking? How are your sleep hygiene habits? Stress?

Hang in there!

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Thanks @ultrarunnergirl. The problem is I'm kind of a picky eater! I don't want to fall back on lara bars, I feel like I do worse with those than when I just don't eat. I've tried Epic bars and really dislike them, I don't eat tuna or salmon, and I hate olives! Lol. I don't know what Chomps are, but I'll investigate. In R1 I used nuts and dried fruits as my emergencies but I was hoping to avoid doing that this time.

I drink at least 7 glasses a day (if you include herbal tea), but try to drink up to 9. And mostly my sleep is good. I work later days, so I get to sleep 8-9 hours a night. In R1 I remember it took a week or so for my sleep to return to normal and I've definitely had some sleep upset this round again, but aside from last night the last two nights I slept great. Stress isn't awful - 6 months ago were some of the most stressed out times I've ever had but I feel more baseline again, with small flashes of overwhelm or anxiety. I'm mid-cycle, so not PMSing. I think it's just lack of sleep and a cranky pants day. 

And I went back and read my post and found a bunch of errors! I think I need a better night sleep tonight for sure!!

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It could be weather related. I've noticed my skin is bad right now but it is because it hasn't been above freezing in over a week. Also, this is my second round and I've noticed the timeline is pushed back a bit for me too. I have been super cranky today and it's day 7 for me!

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