Whole 30 Mayo expiry?


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2 minutes ago, onkar said:

I prepared W30 mayo yesterday to spread it on my eggplant bun chicken burger.

1. How long usually can I keep it in the refrigerator without going bad?

2. How do I know if it has spoiled?



It'll smell terrible... you can keep it as long as the expiry date on your egg that you used, altho those are just 'sell by' dates and the egg does not know to go bad on the date stamped on the carton so use taste, smell and sight to tell if it's off... you'll know.

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39 minutes ago, kirkor said:

I can't say I'd endorse this practice :P, but it's something to think about: https://forum.whole30.com/topic/37082-how-long-does-mayo-last/#comment-435998


Hahaha!  Awesome!  You and I would live well together as we have seemingly low standards for food quality/expiry compared to some... 

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