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I know it's a weird one but...can I have snow fungus?


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There is a soup that I sometimes make called Snow Fungus Soup and it does actually contain a chinese white fungus called "Snow Fungus" in addition to goji berries, and Chinese red dates, and it is considered to be a vegan ingredient. The soup usually includes raw honey but I will eliminate that for the next few weeks until my Whole30 is completed. In the meantime, can I have the snow fungus? 

Here is an article on it: http://www.herbmuseum.ca/content/medicinal-benefits-snow-fungus

Here is the recipe I use for the snow fungus soup: https://integralyogaworld.com/living-practice/a-travellers-vegetarian-recipes/sweet-treats-afters/snow-fungus-chinese-red-date-goji-berry-sweet-soup/ (again, I will eliminate the raw honey until February when I switch back to paleo).



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