What has been your most lasting food habit after Whole30?

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Mine was sugar.

I used to have sugar in my tea. I never do that anymore.
I've learned that when you order tea in a cafe it's likely to be left to over-infuse (while they serve the coffee for everyone else) so whenever I go to a cafe I only order mint tea (which I don't mind overinfused). Black/green tea when infused for too long taste bitter and I've learned I used sugar to balance that out.

I've quit sugar from my daily life as it is.
I might indulge in an ocasional treat, but I'm able to keep it actually ocasional and I'm proud of that.

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My biggest habit that has stuck is not snacking or having dessert after dinner every night. I occasionally indulge or eat after dinner if I'm truly hungry or it's a worth-it dessert. This was the hardest habit for me to kick. I remember feeling tortured the first week of my first round not having chips or cookies/candy every night. I'm so glad it truly stuck and is effortless now. 

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