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I'm ba-ack!


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Hi all! I've been off these boards for a month or so, and December was tough. Sometimes it is just easier to eat the stuff being shoved in your mouth by well meaning family and friends than it is to start arguments at Christmas parties over why you won't even TASTE the ____ (fill in the blank) that ____(fill in the blank) made.

I just posted a link to a study on rats deprived of high fat/high sugar foods and their behavior after access was reintroduced. Not an excuse, but sheds some light on why it is so easy to eat clean until you don't, and how hard it is to get back on plan. The post is in ontrack/off track

Anyway, January 1st is time to get back on the straight and narrow. I feel like crap, I'm tired, and my joint pain is coming back. Going food shopping on Monday and cleaning out the fridge. I'm off Tuesday, so I can get a jump on making mayo and ghee and prepping for the week.

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