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I have no idea how this forum works...

Is there an easy way to find support?

I am starting tomorrow.

I did 14 days in September, and I think I crashed because i was eating these little xylitol or stevia sweetened mints similar to "Rescue Remedy" they were flower remedies for nerves... I was stressed. I also ate a potato. I'm not sure what it was, but one day I just started eating other stuff. The first like 12 days were really easy for me, but its taken me awhile to decide to get back on track.

Anyway, I noticed that there are a lot of topics, and a lot of forums, and I don't know which to read first, or where to post. Can I have my own topic and post every day about my progress? IF so, where do I find that? (Here? )

So, I am not so organized, but I think I can start tomorrow anyway. Otherwise I just keep putting it off.

I have meat, and veggies, and coconut oil, and chlorella... and fruit. I have a decent GF diet already. I just need to get all the GF flour and stuff packed up and put away.

I also need to sleep.

so good night!


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Hi Jef - you're in the right place to create a new thread for your Whole 30 log. There is a lot of information on the forum, but it is fairly well categorised and the search function is good if you are looking for a particular answer. The can I have section is great and is easy to search based on what you are seeking clarification on. Good luck and enjoy the journey!

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