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I did it once, and I am going to again!


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Hello! I started the Whole30 program just before Halloween (yeah, brilliant, got Halloween AND Thanksgiving in there lol). I stuck to it like glue even with the pressure of the holiday (and people questioning me eating guacamole with my turkey instead of gravy) and I didn't weigh myself at all during the 30 days. (that part was hard! I live with a bunch of wrestlers, they LIVE on the scale) I think not weighing myself really helped me stick with it, I was focused on how I felt and not the numbers, my clothes fit differently and I felt better. The scale can be your biggest downfall, if you see a good result you think "oh this is working so well I can cheat just a little" and mess up, if you don't see a good enough result (that result we all have in our head-even if it is subconscious) then you think "oh this isn't working why bother sticking to it" and cheat. Avoid the scale.

I finished the Whole30 on the 29th of November (that was Day 30) and I stepped on the scale first thing on the 30th. I was down 18 whole pounds! I have many more to go, but I have relaxed a little on the eating plan (adding back some food groups as directed) and I know what my weaknesses are (gateway foods as I call them) and I know how my body reacts to chemicals as well. I am still losing 2-5 lbs per week sticking fairly close to the diet plan with a small amount of dairy (cheese) and a few natural sweetened treats from time to time (I avoid HFC like the plague). I will probably be doing the Whole30 again here soon, I think it is a wonderful way to jump start your body into losing weight.

The first week sucks, but get past that and you will be shocked at how good you feel over all. Weigh loss aside, the way I feel is 1000% better than I did. I weigh myself once a week (the morning of my 'cheat' day where I get a date night to eat whatever I want, and I still stick fairly close to the diet just because I don't want to feel bad the next day) and that has proved to work for me.

I am down almost 40 lbs since the start of my journey even with the holidays in there too!

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