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Monkey's Whole30 Log


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Day 16 and I'm over the hump!

Quick Reflection since I'm past the halfway mark.

1. I'm definitely less bloated. I don't feel I lost weight, but maybe I did? I don't know. But I did notice I don't feel bogged down with bloat.

2. Energy depends on the day. I almost slept in and didn't go to yoga boot camp this morning, but I'm glad I did go in the end. My energy hasn't really picked up and I'm usually ready to sleep pretty early.

3. Cravings. I get them now and again. Today I kept talking about how I'd LOVE a recipe I make that involves red wine for cooking. Then I said I'd also would love a chocolate chip cookie. Normally a craving like that I would've been off someplace satisfying it, but the urge to do that has left me for now. Don't get me wrong, I fantasize about what I'm not eating but I'm not actively trying to make those foods materialize like I used to.

4. Snacking. That's kind of ebbed as well. If I snack, it's some fruit or something that's small and way healthier than normal. The 9pm snack monster has left the house! 

So I feel overall some good has come of this little journey... I am curious to see what else will change in the next half.

B: egg over sweet potato/ham hash coffee

L: I'm on a Mexican kick: taco meat on shredded lettuce / coffee / apple and pumpkin bake

D: Half portion of what I had for lunch plus leftover chicken tortilla soup

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Day 17

Today was interesting. I was told by two separate people that my face looked thinner! (winner winner whole 30 chicken dinner!) I was then criticized for a 30 day eating regimen and told I should just give in and eat some real food again. Ummm pardon? I AM eating real food! That's the point. Both comments made me realize that this is actually working! 

B: Apple/Pumpkin Bake / coffee/ dates

L: Leftover taco / guac / shredded lettuce

D: chicken breast on the bone, roasted veggies and potatoes / apple

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I'm tired.

I have no energy.

I'm genuinely sick of eggs and potato and coconut.

If I eat zucchini noodles one more time I might scream.

I'm sick of meal prepping and substituting things bc I can't eat other things.

I haven't lost weight. 

I've lost motivation for all this. I don't know.

This is day 20 and I don't even care about eating dinner bc I'm just sick of worrying about it.

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On 1/30/2018 at 11:35 AM, Jager07 said:

Good morning!  How are you feeling today?


Thank you for asking and for checking in :) 

I gotta be honest. Night 20 I caved. I had a half cup of pasta in sauce and inhaled it . I spent the last ten days slowly reintroducing some "no no" food back into my diet. 

I'm not terribly proud of it. But I did it 20 days. I learned sugar does cause me breakouts. But I also managed to kick my snacking habit. So for that... two good things came out of it. Also, my father was kind enough to tell me how hard it is to be so strict for 20 days so I shouldn't dismiss the effort I put in for nothing.

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