Getting sick on whole30


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A stomach bug has made it's way through my family. First my daughter then my wife and finally me. It hit me on day 2 of my whole30. Thanks to this bug I did not eat a single thing the entire second day. How should I proceed? Start over, move on to day 3? Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks

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I hope you're all doing better now, those stomach bugs are no fun at all.

If you didn't eat anything that is against Whole30 rules, you don't have to start over, and since you didn't eat anything, you couldn't have eaten anything you shouldn't have.

If you get to day 30 and think, I wonder if I'd feel even better if I had those extra days, you can always tack on a few more days to get to 30 days of following the meal template and other recommendations. 

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