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Whole 30: Day 4


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Hi Everyone! My name is JC and I'm new to the Whole 30 family. The excitement is still real it has not ceased. In fact although many talk about cravings and set backs I haven't yet been affected. What excited me more about the Whole 30 is introducing this to my little family. I bought the Whole 30 fast and easy recipe book and love it!!! My first trip to the grocery store was a bit pricey but I'm hoping the 2nd one won't be as costly being that I have a lot of the basic seasonings now. Yay! Reading ingredients has been interesting because I've realized how much is in food I use to eat that I never paid any attention to. Whole 30 is definitely educating me. I hope to make Whole 30 buddies and support from this forum. I have a 5 year old and really need to come up with some fun but basic recipes for to make for her. Looking forward to the journey.

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