Early Reintro Results?


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I am on Day 15 of my first Whole 30, woohoo! It has been absolutely amazing so far and surprisingly easy. 

I planned my Whole 30 out so it would end the day before my best friends bachelorette party. I didn’t realize there was a reintroduction period, and then once I did realize it, I had already seen such good results that the reintroduction is really important to me. 

There are only a few foods that I want to reintroduce prior to the party (alcohol, for one..even though I know that’s not usually part of it) because I don’t want to get sick there/ be super limited in what I eat since it’s a whole weekend of eating out. 

Has anyone reintroduced after less than 30 days, and did you still experience a reaction to foods? I KNOW something I cut out bothers my skin but I’m worried I won’t know what it is (I think it’s gluten so I’ll wait on that one till after the party). 

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Are you looking to do a Half 30, or a Whole 23, etc..., and / or a fast re-intro, to accommodate a weekend of partying?  That's up to you, if the party is that important.  However, in the context of the W30 thirty day philosophy, anything less would give potentially less than accurate results.

That said, from my experience, I feel that the W30 10 day & 14 day re-intro templates are bound to offer misleading results as well.  The W30 reintroduction plan assumes that one will notice adverese reactions of a general food group in just one day.  This may be true for some and may be true for many, but I do not believe for all.  By this ideal, the W30 program would have me believing that I have no problems with any of the food groups tested, and that is not my reality!

In my reintroduction (I'm 56 days beyond my W30 trial), I've realized that I can tolerate, without adverse symptoms, any of the food groups, even the one's that I have issues with.  I don't get symptoms that send me reeling in one day, but rather manifest gradually after several days or a week of consumption.

If you do not want to lose what you've invested thus far, you'll find a way to enjoy the party and be compliant with the program.  If the party is priority, restart the program after the big weekend.

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Thanks for sharing your experience!

I've decided to reintroduce just a few foods that will be challenging to avoid based on the restaurant menus/etc. while avoiding foods that I believe give me trouble. I am going to try a second Whole 30 in full afterwards. 

I will update if I have negative reactions to food this early on!

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