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Hi everyone! 

I recently started a blog and went through the research of contacting Sweetgreen, Dig Inn, The Juice Shop and Hu Kitchen for their ingredient lists. I picked out a few dishes from their menu as part of a 7 day meal-plan that are compliant with Whole 30. This forum was really helpful to me as I did my research! I also recently noticed that Le Pain Quotidien is a great on-the-go meal spot, as they use olive oil in their cooking.

Link to the blog post below and I am @busyfitcity on Instagram.


Hope anyone in NYC on the Whole 30 finds this useful!

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I'm not in NYC and probably never will be, but this kind of thing interests me so I figured I'd help with at least some of the research (short of actually calling the restaurants myself).

sweetgreen offers a PDF Nutrition Binder that you can download, which looks up to date and contains the specific ingredients list and allergen information for the menu items for S3 2019 (I'm assuming this is up to date). I won't go through item-by-item to say what should work and what would not, but the link is below. They also have a make your own bowl option, which could be helpful if there's not a compliant premade one that looks appealing.

Dig Inn doesn't offer anything like what's above, just a page of overall nutritional information. You'd have to call them to ask about ingredients, if you think that's going to be somewhere you'd visit.

The Juice Shop does have an online menu which gives an ingredients overview:
This looks very promising, but there's also a lot that's not compliant (oats, quinoa, chickpeas, etc.) and you'd definitely need to check about ingredients in their dijon or other sauces, as applicable to your order.

Hu Kitchen has a menu up from January, so not sure if that's still up to date.
What is extremely interesting on this is that they actually have things like dairy-free zucchini cheese, so it's worth checking ingredients on that if you're up for a vegan cheese experience! They also have a create your bowl option, which means you'll be in control of everything going into your meal... definitely worth checking out, but again it's always also worth asking about specific ingredients on anything questionable (like their housemade ketchup, for instance).

Le Pain Quotidien seems to be very allergy-friendly, based on their allergen statement. This means they'll do everything they can to work with you if you tell them your needs/restrictions. It also notes that full allergen and dietary information for all dishes can be requested in store, though I don't see a way to pull that up online.
If you start the ordering process for the specific location you'll visit, you can at least see an overview of the ingredients in each menu item, but there's no mention of whether or not items contain sugar or anything else we'd specifically avoid... so getting the in-store allergen information and making special requests (like not having the bread served with your order) will be the best way to hone in on what to eat if you visit them.

Just Googling "Whole30 in NYC" brought up quite a few results that look promising, also. Note that not all of the results that come up were written within the last handful of months, and (as with everything) it's always worth checking to be sure they're still valid options:

This one's newer, but only recommends one place, and I'll admit it's more expensive than I'd be spending for my own sustenance:

These are also newer (since the start of 2019):

Evelyn's Kitchen should definitely be a good option, considering that they've got a Whole30-approved stamp on their website:

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