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Can I have Seedlip? (distilled non-alcoholic spirits)


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1 hour ago, itscoldinhere said:

Seedlips is a distilled non-alcoholic spirit. Bought it just before starting the Whole30. Tastes somewhat like gin, but without the alcohol.



  • Water
  • Natural botanical distillates and extracts
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Citric acid

Thanks for the input.

I think this would be fine for an occassional 'fancy' drink if you had a party or something to go to during your Whole30... used much like shrubs as a dash in club soda... Their recommended cocktail is with tonic water so that wouldn't be okay... 

Obviously it goes without saying that if you're using this to replace a nightly gin and tonic habit, then you'd want to really reconsider.

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