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Whole 30 First Timer - Start Date January 14


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Hi Sherz! 

I hope you are getting excited to start your Whole30!  I know I am excited for you! 

I am on day 11 of my first W30 but I am feeling so good that I can't wait for you to feel the benefits of eating whole, healthy foods! 

Do you have the Whole30 Day-by-Day book? If not, and you can spare the change,  I recommend buying it and using it! It is so helpful! If you can't get your hands on the Day-by-Day then I recommend journaling what your eating, how your feeling and what your thinking through your journey. The first 5 days of my Whole30 I journaled at least three pages a day and it helped me stay motivated. I also recommend printing and cutting out the handwritten notes from Melissa you can find by clicking this link ( https://whole30.com/daybyday-preorder/) and clicking on the picture of the book at the bottom of the page. I have a set at work and a set at home to help me stay motivated! 

Just remember as you go through your Whole30 that it is a process and it's okay to celebrate your success one meal or one day at a time, after all "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." It's okay to feel sad, mad, frustrated and unhappy at various points through your journey but you CAN and WILL do this! If you need someone to "talk" to I try to visit the forum at least once a day and will support you however I can! 

You got this and you are going to ROCK IT!

Best Wishes in Your Journey,


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I'm starting my 2nd whole 30 on the 14th!

I hopped onto a 1.15 start date thread for support and motivation. There are quite a few people on it, some first timers and some repeaters...like me.

I can tell you planning is HUGE. If you can have a few fast go to meals for the days that you wanna give up, it helps. Good luck, and welcome!

Here is a link to the thread:


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